Dermal Filler Aftercare: 4 Things You Should follow

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You’ve done it! You’ve thought it through and given them the green light and you now have dermal fillers. Next, to make sure your dermal fillers heal in the most natural way, there are some key steps to take for the best results. Read on to find our more about dermal filler aftercare. If you’re just researching dermal fillers, feel free to get in touch with us and we can talk through your options.

Keep clear of makeup (for now)

While your skin is still naturally healing, you do not want makeup lathered over the treated area, as this can cause the skin to feel sensitive and prone to irritation. For at least 12 hours, you should keep clear of makeup to allow the skin to breathe and mend naturally with no interruptions. If you apply makeup straight after dermal fillers, this could clog your pores and cause the area to be prone to infection.

Cool compress

After one to two days, regularly applying a cold compress will help prevent any bruising and relieve any swelling and redness. Either use a flannel soaked in ice water or wrap an ice pack with a thin cloth – both do the trick. We advise that you do not apply ice straight to the treated area, as this can cause it to become red and irritated.

Avoid being vigorous with the skin

You should avoid touching your newly treated area as this could possibly have an effect on where the filler has been placed or the appearance of the filler, as it hasn’t had enough time to properly sit and settle. Give the filler time to heal before touching and rubbing the skin. In fact, you should try not to touch the treated skin generally while it heals, as bacteria from your hands can pass to the treated area, potentially making the area sensitive and prone to infection.

Avoid extreme temperatures

We all love to have a hot bath or a trip to the spa to visit the hot steamy saunas, but save this for another time, as new dermal fillers and extreme temperatures do not mix well. In environments like these, it can cause the skin to become very irritated and even become red and sensitive. It is also essential to avoid extremely cold temperatures too, as this can cause the same effect. Try and meet in the middle and stay in mild temperatures, to allow the healing process to happen naturally.

If you are someone that is look for professional support on caring for their newly applied dermal fillers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Skin Inspire, our aesthetic clinic in Hitchin.


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