The Benefits of Microneedling

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If you aren’t familiar with the process of microneedling, it says it all in the name. Microneedling is the act of using miniature, sterile needles to repeatedly puncture the skin. By doing so, it helps to produce more collagen and strengthen the epidermis layer of the skin. This may sound obscure, but in fact, this process has a lot of benefits to it. Check out the benefits of SkinPen Microneedling below.

Helps renew the skin

Because the fine needles are going into the skin, it creates ‘micro-injuries’. This triggers the body to start the healing process. It does exactly the same as what your body would do if you had cut your finger or grazed your knee. It starts to target the areas with new collagen, helping to heal the microscopic wounds. As more blood is flowing closer to the skin’s surface, it helps to balance out the pigmentation. The miniature holes also allow the skin to breathe and soak in more of the products used in the treatment, leaving your skin looking refreshed and hydrated. This treatment brightens and strengthens the skin like no other –using a product off the high street cannot compare to the fabulous results you achieve with microneedling.

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 

Within the ageing process, your skin starts to become saggy, thin and wrinkly. This is caused by the loss of elastin in your skin. The miniature punctures stimulate the production of natural elastin and collagen to improve the skin’s elasticity, thickness and texture. People tend to use microneedling to reduce wrinkled areas that are prominent on the face, such as crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles.

Fades the appearance of stretch marks 

Weather you have scaring from an injury or natural stretch marks, Microneedling can help fade away the harsh appearance.  As the needles glide over the skin, the process gently starts to bring collagen to the surface of the skin, breaking up the tough fibres that make up scar tissue. Stretch marks mainly appear on larger and denser sections of the body such as the thighs, hips, chest, upper arms and back, however they can also appear in a lot of other areas that may have experienced an increase in growth.

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