What are Skin Boosters?

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Skin boosters, like Profhilo are aesthetic injectable products famed for their skin revitalising and rejuvenation properties. The main points of a skin booster is to improve skin quality by way of increasing the stimulation of collagen and elastin, and to add moisture to the skin.  The end result is an improved skin texture and overall appearance. Skin boosters are becoming increasingly popular as the technology progresses and patients start to hear more and more about the benefits. These incredible products possess unique properties not found in other injectable products.

One key ingredient, (hyaluronic acid), found in dermal fillers, is contained in skin boosters but as a modified, more advanced version. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally within our bodies and has been used for a long time now with no safety and efficacy concerns. The hyaluronic acid used in the skin boosters tend to have varied, or different molecular weights to allow it to achieve its unique effects. Depending on the type of booster, it may contain other skin-beneficial ingredients such as amino acids. You may hear different terms for skin boosters such as ‘skin remodelling treatments’ or ‘injectable moisturisers’ but they all aim to achieve the same thing – to arrest the ageing process and promote a more youthful appearance by improving skin quality. You can check out the Profilo official site here.

What is a skin boosters treatment?

The skin booster treatment will involve a series of tiny injections, strategically placed around the treatment area, to facilitate the maximum possible effect. The treatment is similar to a dermal filler treatment in the way it is administered but the hyaluronic acid consistency is of a thinner nature. Skin booster injections have different protocols attached, depending on the brand. The different manufacturers (we only use the best), suggest two sessions, or three sessions at specific times apart as part of the treatment plan. The plan is optimised to reap the potential benefits for your particular skin condition, taking your skin goals and treatment areas into account.

Benefits of skin booster injections

  • Stimulates collagen and elastin production within the skin
  • Gives Natural-looking results
  • Hypo-allergenic and biocompatible
  • Reduces the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles
  • Works to smooth out skin texture
  • Adds skin tissue volume
  • Can be longer lasting than similar treatments
  • Viable and less invasive alternative to surgical procedures


What is the difference between Skin Boosters and Dermal Fillers?

Both treatments employ the ingredient hyaluronic acid and both are administered using a syringe. The main difference is the consistency of the hyaluronic acid(HA). The HA used in skin boosters will tend to be of a more watery nature, specially designed so as to spread around more easily underneath the skin. The other difference might be the addition of other ingredients like antioxidants and minerals. Some manufacturers are starting to add growth factors into the formula. Thirdly, dermal fillers are designed to do a slightly different job, – just to add volume to a single place, whereas skin boosters have the hydration and collagen inducing effects, which are designed to be more widely utilised. An additional difference is the many different skin areas that are good candidates for delivering skin boosters. As with dermal fillers, skin boosters are suitable for all skin types and both are used to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

What areas can skin boosters be applied to?

The skin boosters treatment can be used to treat areas of the body including the inner thighs, the neck, the backs of the hands, and the upper inner arms.

Can the skin boosters treatment be combined with other treatments?

Yes results can significantly be increased to if other aesthetic injections, or another treatment is combined within a monthly or yearly skincare routine. Due to the incredible amounts of moisture the HA can hold, hydration adds to the efficacy and overall quality of each subsequent treatment. Different treatments can also target the middle layer and top layer of the skin for an accumulative effect and to aid in improvements in skin elasticity and skin quality.

What is the downtime of the skin booster treatment?

Once the therapy is performed, there is a possibility that the treatment results in mild swelling and light bruising. The swelling will subside within the first day and should be gone within 48 hours if you do experience any. Sometimes the skin starts to show small bumps, which tend to go within approximately 24-48 hours.

Are skin booster treatments painful?

The skin booster is an injectable treatment. You will be offered numbing cream options in the clinic prior to the injections.

How long does the treatment last?

This depends on a few factors. The type of skin booster used for one, your skincare regimen, for two. How fast your body takes for its collagen production process can have a bearing on the length of time skin boosters last for as well. Every patient is different but a good rule of thumb is up to 6-9 months

When will I see the benefits of the skin boosters treatment?

Some patients may see a small but immediate hydration benefit but the effects usually start to show after around 4 weeks, and continue to increase as time goes on.

Add skin boosters to your anti-ageing armoury

Skin boosters do exactly what they say – boost the skin. They are great at addressing dull, tired-looking skin, creases, fine lines and wrinkles, or damaged skin, such as from or acne, sun damage and other skin conditions. Skin boosters are another treatment designed to help you challenge the ageing process. If you would like to know more feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to discuss any aspect of the treatment and any skin concern you may have.


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